Chiropractic Testimonials

"Fantastic doctor! Friendly staff, very clean office."

- Jennifer R.

"My past experience with a chiropractic office over 10 years ago made me shy away from this type of treatment, I am so glad I decided to try Palm Beach Chiropractic. I have a long way to go but I feel at least 80% better today than I did yesterday and finally happy that I will be able to regain some mobility in my neck again. Thank you, see you soon."

- Christine H.

"Dr. Lamperski is a great Chiropractor. Highly recommend you make an appointment as soon as you can!"

- Steve W.

"I highly recommend Dr Travis he really takes his time and I always leave there feeling better after an adjustment !!!"

- Tara T.

"Great care! And honest treatment plans would not go anywhere else"

- David R.

"Amazing practice. Takes the time to get all the information and addresses the issues. Providing great information to help long term. In no way did I feel like just another number. Massage on the neck rocked headache disappeared"

- Klaudine R.

"Quality care and patient focused recovery. Amazing office!"

- Mariana C.

"Thank you, Dr. Travis, for helping me return to normal. Balancing a business, a charity, while being a mother and working out, does not leave too much time for recovery and you had me up and running in no time. I highly recommend anyone who is hesitant to see a chiropractor to Palm Beach Chiropractic because Dr. Travis will take all your misconceptions and/or fears away. You do not have to get cracked if you do not want to and there are so many treatments available. There are chiropractors out there that know what they are doing and want you to get better quickly, but not many. Thank you, Dr. Travis, for being one of the good ones."

- Rebecca K.


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